K2 Fluorescence Spectrometer (Specification)
Light Source

300W xenon arc lamp

45 mW/nm brightness at 275 nm

Optional: higher rated lamps and lasers



Highly efficient single concave holographic grating monochromators.

Continuously reproducible slits ranging from 0.4 nm to 32 nm bandpass.

Wavelength range: 200 nm to 1200* nm (*depending on selected grating)

Stray light: 10-5 outside the bandpass of the 632.8 nm HeNe laser line

Wavelength accuracy: ‐0.2 nm

Wavelength reproducibility: ‐0.25 nm

Slew rate: 160 nm/s


Focusing and collection geometry

Parallel beam design for precise polarization measurements



UV grade Glan-Thompson with L/A = 2.0



Selected side-on photomultiplier tubes

Optional: Diode array detector Microchannel plate detector


Detection Modes

Fast analog electronics

Optional: Photon counting electronics


Light Modulator

Double-crystal Pocket cell


Frequency Response

DC - 10 GHz


Cross- Correlation Frequency

User-selectable up to 2KHz


Filter Bandwidth

0.05Hz at 40Hz



S/N ratio greater than 6000:1 on the Raman spectrum of water with photon counting and cooled PMT


Lifetime Measurements Range

10-12 to 10-2 sec



Pentium, MS-DOS or Windows environment



Laser jet and ink jet printers/plotters


Power Requirements

Universal power input: 110 - 240 V, 50/60Hz, 400 VAC


Optical Bench

885mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 330mm (H)

45 Kg (weight)