K2 Fluorescence Spectrometer (Features)
( Lifetime )
Fluorescence at its Best
Multifrequency Cross-Correlation Phase Modulation Fluorometer


T- format, parallel beam geometry for precise polarization  

Reduced data acquisition time with FastScanTM technology (ISS patent)

Modulation frequency range extending from 100 Hz to 10GHz

An instrument which allows for different configurations and upgrades at anytime in the future

A compact. completely automated instrument capable of performing any type of fluorescence analysis
Lifetime Measurements:

1. Lifetime determination of multi-exponential decays
2. Lifetime analysis using continuous distributions
3. Rotational motions of molecules
4. Phase and modulation resolved kinetics
5. Phase and modulation resolved spectra
6. Lifetime and steady-state millisecond kinetics
7. Lifetime imaging  

Steady State Measurements:

1. Polarization (anisotropy) measurements
2. Synchronous luminescence spectra
3. Corrected excitation and emission spectra
4. Intensity measurements at fixed wavelengths
5. Dual intensity excitation (emission) measurements for
Ca+ indicators  
Complete with accessories and upgrade packages to meet a large variety of application demands:  

1. Cryostat
2. Vacuum chamber
3. Solid sample holder
4. Variable-angle solid sample holder
5. Multiple cell sample holder
6. Absorption measurement compartment
7. Automated filter wheel
8. Fiber optics; single and bifurcated
9. Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) flow cell
10. High pressure cell w/automated pump
11. Stopped flow for millisecond kinetics
12. On-line titration
13. Cooled PMT housing
14. Diode array detector |
15. CCD/CID camera
16. Microchannel plate detectors
17. Fluorescence lifetime imaging micorscope
18. Lifetime imaging scanner