PC1 Fluorescence Spectrometer (Features)
( Lifetime )
Fluorescence at its Best
A Research Grade Photon Counting Steady-State Spectrofluorometer


The only modular benchtop photon counting spectrofluorometer fully upgradable for time- resolved fluorescence  

The short optical path design and more efficient collection of light result in optimum sensitivity  

The fully automated ISS PC1TM saves the user valuable time and maximizes laboratory space

A research grade ultra sensitive photon counting spectrofluorometer featuring T-format and parallel beam geometry for precise determination of:  

1. Corrected excitation and emission spectra

2. Polarization (anisotropy) measurements

3. Intracellular Ca+ concentration

4. Millisecond kinetics

5. Dual wavelength excitation or emission measurements  

Complete with accessories and upgrade packages to meet a large variety of application demands:  

1. Cryostat
2. Vacuum chamber
3. Solid sample holder
4. Variable-angle solid sample holder
5. Multiple cell sample holder
6. Absorption measurement compartment
7. Automated filter wheel
8. Fiber optics; single and bifurcated
9. Chemically activated fiber tip
10. Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) flow cell
11. High pressure cell w/ automated pump
12. Stopped flow for millisecond kinetics
13. On-line titration
14. Cooled PMT housing
15. Diode array detector
16. Fluorescence microscope
17. Upgrade package for time-resolved fluorescence measurements with picosecond resolution