KOALA Sample Compartment (Specification)

Sample Compartment

12 VDC stepper motor

Two-phase hybrid type (0.4A per phase)

1.8 degrees full step

Turret full step resolution of 0.9 degrees

Holding torque: 23 cNm

Minimal backlash with non-slip transmission belt


Polarizer motor

12 VDC stepper motor

Two-phase (7.5 degrees per full step)

Full step angle: 0.75 degrees

The motor drives polarizer through a 1 to 10 reduction geartrain


Input power requirements

110-240 V, 50/60Hz, 400 VAC


Input connector

25-pin shielded D-shell



One TTL load for each input line



516mm (L) x 40mm (W) x 250mm (H)



17 Kg (37 lb)


Ordering Information


K025 KOALATM Automated Sample Compartment

Includes excitation channel with automated shutter, beam splitter,

filter holder and computer-controlled polarizer holder; reference channle

with shutter and filter holder; two emission channels with computer-controlled

polarizer holders, filter holders and shutter (requires sample holder)


K201 Sample Holder

Computer-controlled two cuvette rotating sample holder with flow- through

for temperature control