KOARA Sample Compartment (Features)
Fluorescence at its Best
Fully Automated Sample Compartment with Complete Computer Control

A fully automated unit acts as the main component in the assembly of a custom-built time-resolved or steady-state fluorescence featuring:

1. T-format geometry
2. Four automated channel shutters
3. Excitation and emission channels
4. Computer-controlled two-position turret
5. Automated polarizers mounted on a sliding track
6. Built-in electronics for complete instrument automation

A array of devices can be coupled to the KOALATM making it the most versatile and specialized building block offered to researchers today:

1. Xenon arc lamp
2. Continuous wave laser
3. Mode-locked laser
4. Diode laser
5. Monochromator
6. Polychromator
7. Photomultiplier tube
8. Cooled PMT
9. Diode array detector
10. CCD /CID cameras
11. Microchannel plate detector
12. Cryostat
13. Vacuum chamber
14. Solid sample chamber
15. Variable angle sample holder
16. Multiple cell sample holder
17. Absorption measurement compartment
18. Automated filter wheel
19. Fiber optics
20. Chemically activated fiber tip
21. Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) flow cell
22. High pressure cell w/automated pump
23. On-line titration
24. Fluorescence microscope
25. Lifetime imaging scanner