HPCell High Pressure Cell System (Features)
Fluorescence at its Best
High Pressure Cell System for Fluorescence, Absorption, and Raman Spectroscopyˇˇ


The ISS HPCellTM system comes with pressure pump, system control software and data acquisition software


Strategically placed windows for either L or T format fluorescence measurements using either a lamp or laser ˇˇ

A complete system for high pressure fluorescence intensity and polarization analysis for:

1. Measurements at 35Kbar (43,500 psi) with quartz windows.

2. Measurements at 45Kbar (58,000 psi) with sapphire windows

3. Direct anisotropy measurements upto 4Kbar with internally mounted polarizers.

4. Simultaneous acquisition of absorption and fluorescence measurements

Equipped with state of the art features, the ISS HPCellTM results in increased sensitivity and ease of use:

1. Greater fluorescence collection with 10 mm windows
2. Three of four window cell
3. Easy maintenance with I-seal gaskets
4. Constant homogenous cell temperature with a built-in circulation path and high grade stainless steel alloy
5. Automated or manual pump
6. Automatic adjustments in cell pressure with automated pump
7. Continuous temperature monitoring with RTD sensor
8. Acquisition at varied pressure levels in programmable through ISS Software
9. Easily mounted on ISS KOALATM; inclusive of optics, computer-controlled shutters, polarizer holders, and PMT housings
10. Custom mounts available for other commercial spectrophotometers and spectrofluorometers