The RSM Spectrophotometer (Features)


After 45 absorbance model RSM systems were delivered, we responded to encouragement to design a model fully optimized for fluorescence.?(Pictured above is an Olis RSM 1000F fitted with a 450 watt lamp and U.S.A. Stopped Flow).?Emission scan rates to 1,000 scans/second are achievable on the finalized system that uses a 450 watt xenon arc lamp as the exciting source, a single grating monochromator as the exciting light wavelength selector, and the RSM with a mid-plane PMT.

Issues with the bright 450 watt xenon arc lamp - heat and stray light - were addressed by the following new components:

Beam-cooling accessory
Positioned between the lamp housing and the monochromator that removes the IR (the heat) from the output beam.

"Sister Monochromator"
Featuring a 40x45 mm concave holographic grating driven by a small servo motor; the unit has conventional entrance and exit slits and a place for a second-order filter;£¿provides high light throughput, affords the equivalent wavelength range of scores of filters, and can be adjusted using a simple keystroke command to the software to select excitation wavelengths.
closed-cycle cooling box
Cools both the lamp housing and the output beam without requiring an external source of water.

Middle-Plane PMT
Optimizes photosensitivity; attached to a trap-door lid, this high-gain, side-window PMT intercepts the emission beam at the middle plane of the RSM, maximizing detection of weak luminescence.