Many instruments utilize high- powered xenon arc lamps that require water cooling for reliable operation.
Since access to water for cooling lamps in a lab is often difficult in many laboratories, we developed a compact, stand-alone cooling box that removes the need for an external water source.
This obviates the need to schedule experiments around the availability of a lab sink and monopolizing the lab sink for the duration of an experiment.
Very importantly, too, the closed-cycle cooling system enables the conservation of water, which will save money on water bills.
There is no need to handle messy hoses - ours are the quick connect snap-on type similar to those used on garden hoses; this also eliminates the potential of tripping over water hoses or stringing them across the ceiling.
The Olis CCCB is fitted with a pump, a heat exchange coil, and two fans to dissipate the heat of the lamp.?A pressure sensor and a safety interlock system ensure that the lamp being cooled cannot be operated unless the cooling box is connected and operating correctly.
With the Olis closed-cycle cooling system, you will never lose another lamp because someone forgot to turn on the sink faucet.
This built-in safety feature also ensures that accidental disruption of the water flow during operation - due to hose damage, disconnection, or any other unanticipated condition - will not cause your lamp to explode; the lamp automatically shuts off if the cooling system is compromised in any way.
Because fluid purity is ensured by closed-cycle circulation, clogged hoses and corrosion of metal parts are prevented; and, the fluid never needs replacing.

The closed-cycle cooling box provides sufficient heat exchange capability for lamps to 1,000 watts.
It can be used in place of water lines for any lab situation in which cooling is required.
The box measures 7 1/2'H x 13 1/4'W x 11 1/4'D and weighs 14 lbs.; hoses are 3/8' nylon-reinforced PVC.?The system is delivered ready to 'set and forget.'

Cooling Box Summary

For water-cooling high-power spectrophotometer lamps:

  • liquid-to-air heat exchange
  • maintains constant safe fluid temperature for lamps to 1000 watts
  • lamp will not start unless cooling system is running and will shut off if hose fails or system is compromised in any way
  • no need to be close to water supply; doesn't prevent you from using your sink for other important tasks; saves money and precious resource
  • convenient Olis installation means 'set and forget;' user never has to fool with it
  • closed loop means circulating fluid is always clean, i.e., no clogging of hoses or corrosion of metal parts; fluid never needs replacing
  • hoses are 3/8' nylon-reinforced PVC with quick connect/disconnect couplers; because it's a closed-loop system, hose length is minimal
  • dual fans
  • Dimensions: 7.5'H x 13'W x 11.25'D; 14 lb.