OLIS Photon Counter

The Olis Photon Counter can be fitted to the Olis RSM and can be adapted to fit most instruments. It was recently fitted to an SLM 8000 and is available as an accessory to the RSM 1000F Fluorimeter or the RSM CD with fluorescence capabilities.

A photon counter is used in applications where you have time for the best emission signals, as opposed to flash and stopped- flow cases where collection is over in < 1-2 seconds.

This photon counter is controlled by Olis software in coordination with an electronics box and adapter. The counter is made with a built in 'cut-off filter' holder which cuts off a wavelength above excitation light so all you have is fluorescence.

Summary of Specifications*:

  • Approximately 26 million photo-electrons per second
  • Covers UV to 650 nm with very low background noise
  • Provides a large, 21 mm diameter active area for good light gathering ability
  • High speed current pulses are amplified and converted to digital pulses with a high speed amplifier and discriminator
  • Precise counting intervals are provided by the crystal controlled counter/timer circuitry in the microcontroller.

*All performance specifications are taken from manufacturer's literature.