Titration accessory
The new "Olis Short Pathlength Titration Accessory" supports use of cuvettes of arbitrary pathlength thereby supporting far UV CD applications. All mixing is accomplished by computerized infusion/withdrawal cycles from the storage syringe to the measuring cell.

Our design - assembled by a team of experienced mixers (stopped-flow specialists) -- allows you to use highest quality cylindrical cuvettes with pathlengths of arbitrary length and diameter, making it ideal for all spectral ranges and cuvette pathlengths.
Mixing is complete.
Delay times to wait for equilibrium are user-selectable.
Volumes are based on cuvette pathlength.
Dilution ratio of sample and titrant are arbitrary.
There are no 'overflow' issues; sample is 'mixed and stored' in an external syringe until time of optical measurement; and volume to be measured is precisely what is needed to fill cuvette (any 'overflow' remains in mixing/storage syringe).
In-line pH microelectrode can be positioned within flow line from storage syringe to sample cell. The sample is in the light path only when measurements are made