Stopped-Flow Accessory

Olis U.S.A. Stopped Flow

Key Features of Olis' Useful, Simple, Affordable Stopped Flow

  • Deadtime: 1-2 ms for absorbance and fluorescence (3-5 ms for circular dichroism)

  • Average Reagent Volume: 70 -120 £¿/syringe/shot
    Low Volume Design: 40-70 £¿/syringe/shot

  • Mixer: Berger£¿Ball

  • Pathlength: classic ambient-temperature: 20 mm for absorbance, 10 mm for fluorescence; low-temperature fluorescence: 4 mm; low-temperature absorbance: 10 mm

  • Drive syringes: Unimetrics£¿glass syringes; low- temperature syringes also available.

  • Valves: ceramic (i.e., fired sapphire)

  • Tubing from valves to observation cell: user£¿s choice of Tefzel£¿or stainless steel; from observation cell to waste syringe: Teflon£¿

  • Flow tubes: quartz for absorbance and fluorescence models, stainless steel for low-temperature model.

  • Syringe extenders: PEEK£¿(polyetheretherketone), a polymer inert to almost all organic solvents.

  • Fitted with accessible ports with easy on/off fitting of water and gas lines to bath chamber for thermostatting and degassing of bath fluid and exposed syringe plungers.

  • Floodable water bath chamber is made of Delrin£¿ a dense (1.56g/cm3) polymer.

  • Using syringes of different sizes provides reagent ratios to 1:11.

  • Pneumatic drive system; one plunger for both syringes; independent movement of syringes and valves for convenience in filling and flushing.

  • Safety interlock system for 100% assurance against misfiring, active with and without Olis computer control.

  • Anodized cast-aluminum channel (0.5 cm thick) and optical railing (1 cm thick) for high structural integrity.

  • Fail-safe alignment of stopped-flow observation ports within sample compartment of host spectrometer.

TEFLON£¿ Tefzel£¿ and DELRIN£¿are registered trademarks of E.I. duPont de Nemours & Company.

UNIMETRICS£¿ is a registered trademark of Unimetrics Corporation.

PEEK£¿ is a registered trademark of Victrex PLC