> Dicam PRO(12bit intensified imaging)

DiCAM PRO is an intensified CCD camera featuring exposure times down to 1.5ns. With its dynamic range of 12 bit and a high resolution CCD sensor it features an excellent signal to noise ratio and single photon detection. DiCAM PRO is suitable for environments with high interference and electrical noise. The serial high speed data stream is transfered via a fiber optic cable connecting camera and PCI-Interface-Board. The camera can be triggered by light or electrical input.


  • 12 Bit dynamic range
  • Fast Shutter down to 1.5ns
  • Long Exposure up to 1000sec.
  • Extreme system sensitivity allows single photon detection
  • High resolution sensor with 1280 x 1024 pixel
  • HighRes MCP-Image Intensifier 25mm
  • Spectral sensitivity UV to NIR
  • PCI-Interface-Board 'Plug & Play'
  • Quiet Correlated Double Sampling (QCDS)
  • Horizontal and vertical binning
  • Cooled down to -15C
  • Optical or electrical triggering
  • Two distinct shots with an interframing time of 500ns (PIV)
  • Multiple exposures
  • Serial high speed transfer via Fiber Optical Link (FOL)
  • Free software DiCamControl, EasyControl and
  • TwainInterface included