> HSFC PRO(12bit intensified imaging)

The HSFC Pro consists of a single optical input, an image splitter to four imaging modules with gateable MCP image intensifiers and high resolution CCD imaging sensors, yielding 8 images at full CCD resolution in Double Exposure mode.


  • Four imaging modules
  • 12 Bit dynamic range
  • Fast Shutter down to 1.5ns (in single mode)
  • Extreme sensitivity (>100 counts / photoelectron with P43 phosphor)
  • Four high resolution sensors with 1280 x 1024 pixel each
  • Four high resolution MCP image intensifier 25mm
  • Spectral sensitivity near UV to near IR
  • Quiet Correlated Double Sampling (QCDS)
  • Horizontal and vertical binning
  • Double stage peltier cooling (-12C)
  • Optical or electrical triggering
  • Four PCI-Interface-Boards with 'Plug & Play'
  • Double shot and multiple exposure on each module
  • Serial high speed data transfer via Fiber Optical Link FOL)
  • Free software HSFCControl and EasyControl include