> IRO(Intensified - Relay - Optics)

IRO is an intensified gated Relay-Optics System equipped with an extremly fast high-precision shutter control. Digital setting allow variable exposure times down to 5ns. IRO can be mounted before almost every imaging system, e.g. 'slow-scan'-, video- and photocameras. Your camera becomes a 'high speed gating', light intensified imaging system.
Thus IRO is an ideal solution for taking rapid events, like discharges, fluorescence phenomena or explosions.

Special Features

  • Single shot triggering
  • Wide range of exposure and trigger delay times (5ns to 1ms)
  • Easy coupling to your imaging system
  • Adjustable picture scale (1:1 to 1:2)
  • Wide spectral response
  • Distortion free imaging due to MCP-image intensifier
  • Detached control unit with EMC-shielding
  • Remote programmable via RS232 interface