NIMBUS Technical Specifications

sensor: NIMBUS Ultrasonic Extinction system
measuring range: particle size
solids concentration
0.01 - 3000
31 classes, xmax/xmin < 1000
1 - 70 Vol % typ.
suspensions, emulsions
principle: ultrasound 100KHz to 200MHz
dynamic fixed: 150 dB
precision: 0.1dB typ.
evaluation: extinction function 
emulsion model
library > 300 products
KSigma calibration software
operation: WINDOX Software
K-Sigma Software
WINDOWS 95/98/NT/2000
performance: repeatability

x10, x50, x90
measuring time
SD. < 0.5% (repeated sample)
SD. < 1.0% (riffled sample)
SD. < 5% mean rel. SD

< 1 minute, typ.
application: temperature (product)
materials in contact
with media
max. 120 (thermostat, optional)
Stainless Steel (1.4571/ SS316 or customer specific) Sigradur? Kalrez?
Fibre enforced Teflon