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The classical approach for dry particle size analysis including representative sampling, dry dispersing and laser diffraction is combined in MYTOS & TWISTER as a complete system for process applications. Modular components are available for optimum adaptation to the process. In-line solutions cover pipe diameters from 40 to 800mm. Automated on- and at-line options complete the MYTOS & TWISTER family to satisfy the demands of the process and application. The MYTOS & TWISTER concept comes as a complete family of instruments that cover a wide range of applications and different adaptations to the process.

In case the height for a complete in-line / in-line system is not available as encountered sometimes in existing production sites or if the analyzed product should be available outside for other analysis as well, MYTOS can be operated outside of the pipe as an in-line / on-line system as well.

Even if representative sampling is of crucial importance, very often different kinds of samplers (e.g. screw-samplers) are installed already. Using the MYTOS with the dosing device VIBRI, MYTOS can be adapted directly to existing samplers or operate as a wall mounted stand alone on-line solution. MYTOS & VIBRI can also be housed as module for automated particle size analysis in a fully automated environment.

To complete the MYTOS & TWISTER family the complete system is of course available in a polished stainless steel GMP version as well. Customized versions of the instrument fulfil even the most demanding applications.