Dispersing Modules for suspensions & emulsions
Wet dispersing modules for suspension and emulsions
Suspensions and emulsions are analysed with wet dispersing modules. Even if dry powders should be analysed dry using dry dispersers, those powders can be measured in suspension using wet dispersing modules as well. The choice of the suitable wet dispersion module is dependant on the suspended particles, the solvent which is used and the grade of desired automation.

For product specific wet dispersion different dispersion modules are available. 

QUIXEL for fully automated analysis of suspension & emulsions up to 3500 :
This unit is ideal for fully automated lab operation. The stainless steel QUIXEL basin is filled with 250ml - 1 litre controlled by level sensors and covered by a glass lid. For product specific dispersion variable ultrasonic power can be applied. The adaptable speed of the centrifugal pump is able to transport even particles up to 3500 and high density. The integrated overflow can be used for foam removal and auto-dilution. Since QUIXEL does not used any tubes but stainless steel pipes, corrosive solvents are applicable in combination with a variety of gasket materials. QUIXEL is emptied in less that 3 seconds by lowering the complete bottom of the sample basin which makes it ideal for laboratories with a high sample throughput. The built in flow through cuvette is removed by pushbutton operation and cleanable within seconds if required. For automated operation different add-ons like sample bottle flushing or dispersion agent dosing devices are available. As an option QUIXEL can be heated up to 100.

SUCELL & SUCELL/M for suspensions and emulsions from 0.1 to 875 :

SUCELL and SUCELL/M are equipped with a 400 ml stainless steel basin with two level sensors and  adjustable ultrasonic dispersion. This dispersion module uses a peristaltic pump to transport suspensions and emulsions through the integrated cuvette. Two additional speed controlled stirrers avoid sedimentation in the basin. Similar to QUIXEL also SUCELL and SUCELL/M can be operated fully automated and controlled by software. Filling-, draining- or flushing-cycles are stored in a product related database. For different solvents, different materials for the tubing are available. SUCELL/M is designed to be added to the dry dispersing module RODOS/M to operate as the multifunctional dry and wet dispersion module OASIS.

  CUVETTE for small quantities and particles up to 3500 :
If only small quantities of valuable products are available or if the product should be retreived after the analysis, CUVETTE is ideal. CUVETTE can also be applied for emulsions that should receive gentle stirring only for dilution. The dispersion cell in CUVETTE is manufactured from sintered optical glass only. Since no glue is included nearly all dispersants can be applied. Two different versions of CUVETTE are available: CUVETTE/US containing 50 ml volume for particles from 0.25 to 3500 and CUVETTE/SM with 6 ml volume for particles from 0.1 to 87.5 . The 50 ml version is equipped with a software controlled magnetic stirrer and a software controlled ultrasonic probe for dispersion. For the 6 ml model a manual stirrer is included.